Customer Testimonials for Morgan Automotive

Abby - Satisfied Customer Ford F250

Excellent customer service , quick responses , Loved dealing with Mark and Karl and would definitely recommend.

Carole and Al - Satisfied Customers 1 1

Mark; Just want to say again what a terrific buying experience Carole and I had in purchasing her Mini. We are both car nuts who have owned over 40 vehicles in 43 years of marriage. Needless to say, we have had some pretty bad experiences in the past. You ,Doug & Sue have made us feel like family. From your ability to get us THE car in literally an hour after we came into your dealership, to the bending over backwards to modify the seats to ergonomically fit my very short wife. We have been truly impressed with all of you at the dealership and will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone we know who is looking to purchase a vehicle...including ourselves down the road. Thanks again and regards to Doug and Sue,

Karen - Satisfied Customer 1 1

When I found what looked like the perfect Buick Rendezvous on Auto Trader and I realized it was at a “used car dealer” I cringed. Having had a few bad experiences with that breed, my instinct was to run, not walk. But it looked so good that I reluctantly made a phone call. I spoke to Mark, their sales manager and found him very personable and knowledgeable about the vehicle. He answered every question I had including the all-important “Can I have my own mechanic look at it?” Based on that I decided to drive over and have a look, and to my astonishment it was as good as it looked and hadn’t been misrepresented in any way. I also met Doug and Sue Morgan almost immediately upon arriving and found them to be the antithesis of other used car dealers I had ever met. I took the Rendezvous on a very lengthy test drive, took it to my own mechanic who found no flaws, and within a few hours I had decided to purchase it. It turned out to be just about the easiest vehicle purchase decision and most painless car buying transaction I’ve ever done. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality used vehicle.

Keith - Satisfied Customer 1 1

Finding the perfect vehicle for my family was at best an arduous task. I happened to find the exact car that I was looking for at Morgan Automotive, and could not have been more impressed with Sue Morgan and Mark Brullo. I travelled 400 miles to purchase my new car based solely on Mark's professionalism and willingness to accommodate my fickle demands. Mark expedited the entire process, leaving me with an hour transaction.....TO PURCHASE A CAR! I would recommend the Morgan Automotive group to everyone I know, and would be more than willing to make the 400 mile trip again. Thank you all for the most enjoyable experience I've ever had purchasing a car. Sincerely, Keith

Matt - Satisfied Customer 1 1

I'd searched for a while for a very specific model with the right miles, options, color, and price. Morgan Automotive just happened to have what I was looking for. Although I lived several hours away, I called first and spoke with Mark Brullo over the phone who was very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. After deciding it was worth making the trip down from Syracuse NY, the car in particular ended up being just as described. I was also very impressed with the cleanliness of the entire premises, the appearance of other vehicles offered on the lot, and professionalism in sales and service. When I arrived the following week to pick up my new car, they had gone above and beyond my expectations! The car is GREAT and I LOVE it! Thank you Mark, Doug, and Sue!

Michele - Satisfied Customer 1 1

I would like to extend my most sincerest thanks to Doug Morgan and MARK Brullo for the exceptional experience I received from Morgan Automotive. Mark's professional and friendly personality put me instantly at ease. He really listened to my need's as a customer and delivered spot on with a seamless sale. All I had to do was show up and sign on the dotted line. I highly recommend you stop by Morgan Automotive and check out their excellent selection of beautiful cared for Pre owned car's. You will be glad you did.

Pat and Judy - Satified Customers 1 1

Who says buying a car can't be fun? We just bought a great little Ford escape hybrid at Morgan's. Mark and the folks there made it a more than pleasant experience. Not only did I get a great deal with a more than fair price for my trade in, I feel like I made some new friends. Which is infinitely more important!

Steve - Satisfied Customer 1 1

Mark and Sue, I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the time and attention that you gave to me during the recent purchase of my vehicle. I love buying cars but have always hated the actual process . I have visited your lot on many Sundays since I knew that there would be no salesmen waiting to pounce! I've appreciated the superior condition of the vehicles that you maintain in your inventory, so when it was time to find my "perfect" used FJ I actually decided to visit during business hours! I saw Mark detailing a car in the garage as I pulled in . I had hoped that he didn't see me because I wanted some free time to check out the two FJs without a sales pitch. Mark afforded me about 15 minutes before approaching. To my surprise he simply introduced himself and told me that he'd be around if I had any questions. Wow! I spent some time checking out the inventory and then left. A few days later, I returned and talked to Mark in more detail about the FJ. He and I looked over the vehicle and I pointed out some very minor stone chips. Most people wouldn't have even noticed or cared about these minor blemishes but Mark shares my appreciation for a "clean" car. He assured me that he would address my concerns and he offered to completely detail the vehicle before I came back again. He even offered to undercoat and touch up some bubbled paint on the alloy wheels. In the end, I spent considerable time talking to Mark about the car business, family, and other issues. I found him to be very trustworthy and credible, traits that are often lost on car salesmen. After a couple weeks of careful thought, I decided to buy the FJ. Before spending my hard earned money, I made at least three more trips to your lot just to be sure! Each time, Mark assured me that he would make the car "perfect" for me. His direct, honest, and non- aggressive attitude were a welcome change from what I had been accustomed. I am certain that Morgan Automotive is a successful business because of the manner in which both of you treat your customers. Handing over $20,000 for a used vehicle is extremely unpleasant in this tough economy, but the quality of your product and your attention to detail assured me that it was the right purchase for me. Thank you!! Steve

Steve Miller - Satisfied Customer 1 1

Dear Mark, Doug, Sue and the entire staff at Morgan Automotive, Thank you so much for all of your help assisting my family in purchasing both of our vehicles; the 2010 Acadia and Audi A4 wagon. You simply couldn't have been more helpful and accommodating throughout the entire process. I still cannot believe how immaculate both vehicles were both aesthetically and mechanically as I have not seen the amount of care being put into vehicles anywhere else. With your extraordinary level of customer service, you have won a customer for life and it will be my pleasure to refer all of my friend's and family to you as I am confident that you will take good care of them as well. Many thanks and wishes! Steve Miller Puck Hog Hockey LLC 371 Carerra Drive Lancaster, Pa 17601

The Zieno's - Satisfied Customers 1 1

We had a truly wonderful experience buying a vehicle here! We are just so impressed with the people and the entire transaction. Everyone was the so kind and personable . We are just so impressed with the people and the entire transaction. Evey one was just so kind and personable. We drove from NY to look at a car we saw online. It was exactly as described to us. They where very fair to deal with on our trade in and that was a concern to me and my Husband. We will certainly come back for more vehicles in the future! You do not find such incredible family businesses such as this often! Thanks to Mark along with Karl and the rest of the rest of the staff at Morgan Automotive

Vinnie and Joshua - Satisfied Customers 1 1

Mark you made our car buying experience very enjoyable! I just want to make sure that you know that we will definitely recommend Morgan Auto and you to our friends/Family/ clients. Just incase we make the “TESTIMONIAL BOOK” I would like others to know what you did, ( unselfishly) for my son Joshua (15) As we went through the features of the car, Joshua noticed that the media cable was missing. We had a 3hr. drive home and a new iPad onboard and no way to connect it. Mark offed to give Joshua his personal cable. These are the things that will always set your Company apart from the rest. Your truly 1st class Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Again Vinnie & Joshua

Dave - Satisfied Customer 1 1

Dave recently purchased a Lexus IS300 from us and was really happy with the upfront and honesty he was given.

Drew and Kelly - Satisfied Customers 1 1

Drew and Kelly recently drove off in their new Mazda CX-9 and where very happy with the service they got at our dealership.

Jerry - Satisfied Customer 1 1

Thanks to Doug and Sue..... I appreciate you going out of your way to help to get my new truck. This is our 3rd vehicle we bought from Morgan's and everyone that works there are great people and go out of their way to help. Thanks again for being a caring and helpful dealership.

Joshua - Satisfied Customer 1 1

Last week I purchased the F-150 XLT from Morgan's. You may remember me as the crazy tattooed Buffalo Bills fan. I am sending this letter to thank you for finding me the truck that will be with me for many years to come. The condition, mileage and price met all my need's. There was no need in playing games between me and the staff which was refreshing. To have the opportunity to do business with you has been enjoyable. This is the third vehicle I have ever owned ,and the best dealership I have experienced. The family has heard where I bought the truck and not one of them said I was ripped off. For now, this may be the end until the next decision. However, we know that we can agree on prices, vehicles and of course the Buffalo Bills. I hope the business for your dealership continues in the same direction. Until later go Bills.

Justin - Satisfied Customer 1 1

Morgan Automotive pulled out all the tools to get me my dream truck at a price that I could afford! The sales team of Mark and Karl went above and beyond to meet my needs.

Ryan, Casey and Teagan - Satified Customers 1 1

Hey Mark, I want to thank you again for such a Wonderful car buying experience on Friday. Morgan Automotive definitely sets itself apart from other dealerships. Casey, Teagan & I could not be happier with our vehicle and knowing that we purchased it from Morgan Automotive, makes it even better! Please pass our appreciation along to Doug and Sue as well. I also passed along my experience with a few people who are also interested in purchasing new vehicles in the near future. I am sure they will be looking you up and stopping by. Take Care Ryan

Tara - Satisfied Customer 1 1

Satisfied Customer

Andy - Satisfied Customer 1 1

Andy recently picked up his Tacoma from us and has been very happy with the truck as well as the service our dealership provided him.

Dave S - Satisfied Customer 1 1

The farthest I have ever driven to buy a vehicle, but it was worth every mile! Morgan Automotive is the best dealership I have ever dealt with and I have dealt with quite a few . They had the vehicle I wanted and made it easy to purchase. They don't play those stupid mind games like many other dealerships . I would recommend them to anyone seriously interested in buying a quality vehicle.

Trey and Tricia Collar - Satisfied Customers 1 1

Absolute wonder experience!! Everyone was super friendly and extra help!! We felt welcome here from the start. Can't beat the prices and services. Thank you so much

Kim and Ed - Satisfied Customers 1 1

If you’re like us, you’re all too acquainted with that dreadful, nasty feeling you get when it comes time to buy a vehicle. You’re probably not looking forward to the thought of all that haggling and back-and- forth negotiating as the salesmen “go back and talk with the sales manager” and all the rest? Do yourself a favor. Buy your used car or truck here. We’d been buying cars for years and NEVER did we have a more pleasant experience than our recent purchase of a van from Morgan’s. What a breath of fresh air. For our particular purchase we had the good fortune of working with owners Sue and Doug Morgan. Never once did we feel like we were getting the age-old stereotyped car salesman routine. There were no angles, gimmicks or silly “this car was made for you” sentiment. Just straight forward exchange of information, and with that, they went to work and did what they obviously do well: sell cars and trucks. We were treated with respect and dignity as these folks worked genuinely hard to find us a dependable vehicle to suit a very strict budget. It was actually nicer than that-we were treated like family. Having just put 2 kids through college simultaneously, there was no surprise our debt and obvious marginal credit score would make financing a purchase difficult. Sue and Doug didn’t even bat an eyelash…they were determined to help us. Local financial institutions knew of Morgan’s outstanding reputation and had no problem knowing they would be financing a worthy vehicle. After a few short days, we got the word from Sue they had found a lender who had faith in us and the deal was done. Far be it from the day when we ever thought we’d write a testimonial about an auto dealership, but here it is and we can’t say enough good things. Thank you Morgan Automotive! Thank you with all the genuine sincerity and wholeheartedness we can manage. Our 2 kids we mentioned earlier? Shortly, they will begin their professional careers and will very soon need their own vehicles. No need to guess where we will send them! Out of the area? Take the drive…it’s worth it!

Melissa and Stephen - Satisfied Customers 1 1

Melissa says- The service we received from Morgan Automotive exceeded our expectations. We feel they were extremely upfront,direct and personable. Stephen says- Our experience at Morgan Automotive made the process of purchasing a vehicle so easy. We felt very informed and were treated as if we were the only people there looking to purchase a car from them. I would refer them to anyone.

Bernie and Sue - Satisfied Customers 1 1

Doug and Sue, It was a pleasure doing business with you last week. You both are so very friendly and made us feel like family. Thank you for your honesty and I soon will be in the market for a Toyota 4 Runner and for sure will for do business again. God Bless

Jim - Satisfied Customer 1 1

I purchased a Toyota Tacoma at Morgan Automotive and was thoroughly pleased with the honest, low pressure service that I received from Mark. In addition, when a small problem occurred with the truck a few months later I checked with Mark about whether they would be able to help out with the repair. I was pleasantly surprised when Mark had me bring my truck back and they repaired the problem at no questions asked. What an excellent example of high quality customer service!

Matt and Courtney - Satisfied Customers 1 1

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for an amazing experience! we felt at home from the moment we walked in the door! we loved working with all of the guys! They are wonderful ! I am in love with my new Acura MDX! we will be sure to shop here again and recommend you to everyone!

Michael and Tess - Satisfied Customers 1 1

Buying a car from Morgan Automotive was easy and stress free.

Wes and Corinne - Satisfied Customers 1 1

This is Wes and Corinnes second car from Morgan Automotive and are very satisfied with the service provided to them.

Jeremiah - Satisfied Customer 1 1

The service was very nice... They make you feel great about your purchase and I would recommend them to anyone.

Paul - Satisfied Customer 1 1

Paul recently purchased a Chevy Silverado from us and mentioned that he really liked the customer service we provided him and the no hassle pricing was easy.

Jay and Margie - Satisfied Customers 1 1

Doug, Sue and Mark, it was nice to meet you all last Thursday. We love the red Beetle, and also does everyone we show it to. We look forward to seeing you again, as I am really considering the Lincoln Crossover we discussed. We will be more than happy to provide a reference for you guys if ever needed. Best Regards.

Kyle - Satisfied Customer 1 1

No one over your shoulder pushing you to buy. Good prices and will help you any way they can. Great help/service.

Jeremy Heckman - Satisfied Customer 1 1

Hi I am Jeremy Heckman. A couple of weeks ago I bought a F-350 from Mark. I wanted to take a minute to thank you. I am pleased with how well things went and I am very pleased with the truck. I have received countless compliments on it and I have referred two potential customers to you.

Nikki - Satisfied Customer 1 1

I was extremely happy with the service I received here. I am excited to drive my new car!!! Thank you Morgan Automotive.

Alan and Kathleen - Satisfied Customers 1 1

We had a great experience at Morgan Automotive!! We had NO sales pressure and Mark worked with us to make us the best deal possible. We would definitely recommend this dealership to anyone.

James - Satisfied Customer 1 1

James was very happy with the purchase of his 06 Mini.

Derek - Satisfied Customer 1 1

My experience buying a car at Morgan Automotive was very pleasant. Everyone is very nice and treated me with respect. It was a good car buying experience

Jay - Satisfied Customer 1 1

Thanks Sue, It was a pleasure meeting your family. Buying from you has been the best car buying experience I have had when buying from a non-private owner. The car ride home was very comfortable, and so far no issues. Good luck in this tough economy. It seems the small business owners are suffering the most to this point. If anyone mentions they are looking to buy a used car, you can be sure I will highly recommend Morgan Automotive. Have a Merry Christmas, Jay

Tim - Satisfied Customer 1 1

Doug and Sue, Many thanks for the holiday cheer that arrived in the mail the other day. I served as a Quartermaster for Troop # 95 out of Cedarville, Pa. for many years and learned to enjoy the benefits of the popcorn drives. I also wanted to thank you and your staff for the very warm and friendly way in which we completed the purchase of a 1999 Mercury Villager Sport van. I have been around the buying and selling of automobiles as an adult for nearly 35 years. I have purchased some very expensive collector cars, as well as inexpensive daily drivers through a host of sellers across this country. I have also purchased vehicles through both the York and Manheim auctions some years ago. I have to say that the experiences in those transactions as a buyer are quite varied. The buying experience that you and your staff provided to me with the above purchase is unparalleled! The vehicle was everything that it was advertised to be and more. Your dealership has the feeling of home and I was very comfortable with our time together. I was genuinely surprised to receive the dinner gift certificate as I waited to have my new purchase inspected and reviewed one last time. The facility was extremely clean and orderly too! I was introduced to your facility via the internet with the posting of the above Mercury Villager. The value of the vehicle looked to be excellent, so I took the next step of visiting the dealership. From the moment that I spotted the van on the lot, I felt that it might be going home with me. After a few minutes of my looking the van over, Sue emerged from the office to simply say , " Hi I am Susan Morgan. If you have any questions about this van please don't hesitate to ask". I had a few questions and she had the answers without embellishment. She returned to the office to ask Doug a question for me and gave me the space to look over the van thoroughly. By the time Sue returned, I had already made my decision. It was then that I became acquainted with Doug Morgan. It didn't take but a few minutes for me to realize that Doug had a sterling personality and was not simply " all about cars ". Our conversation covered a wide range of subjects and personal passions that each of us had. I felt as if I was speaking to my brother. The experience was very personal, yet very professional. Even after our business work was finished, we spent the next hour or so just having conversation. I have spent 20 times more money on cars that offered 10% of Doug and Sue's hospitality and cordiality. Thank you for the opportunity to meet you!

Ruth - Satisfied Customer 1 1

Morgan Automotive treated me excellent and had my vehicle ready and all the things I asked for where done as well. I had a very nice person (Mark Brullo) and I would recommend Morgan Automotive to anyone.

Joseph - Satisfied Customer 1 1

Satisfied Customer

Sam and Alicia - Satisfied Customers 1 1

We had a wonderful experience at Morgan Automotive. They were very friendly, helpful and successful in helping us drive away in a new car.

Margarita - Satisfied Customer Mazda cx7

I would recommend anyone to purchase their vehicle from Morgan Automotive. They are very nice, very helpful and will do anything in their power to give you the best customer service and satisfaction. Mark Brullo is the bomb! Thank you for all your help :)

Brooke - Satisfied Customer 1 1

Satisfied Customer

Evan - Satisfied Customer 1 1

Hello Doug and Sue, I just wanted to personally thank you both for your help during my purchase of the 2005 Altima. I appreciated the time each of you spent with me in order for me to be able to drive off the lot. So far I am very satisfied with the decision. Also your service and hospitality were excellent and I will certainly recommend your dealership to anyone I know who is looking to purchase a vehicle.

The Harbeck Family - Satisfied Customers 1 1

Satisfied Customers

Rob and Jackie - Satisfied Customer 1 1

Our experience with Morgan Automotive has been outstanding. They were very helpful and there was no pressure at time on sale. Everyone was helpful and friendly and we would recommend them to anyone. :)

Michael - Satisfied Customers 1 1

Satisfied Customers

Michael - Satisfied Customers 1 1

Satisfied Customers

Ryan and Christina - Satisfied Customers 1 1

Satisfied Customers

Richard - Satsified Customer 1 1

Satisfied Customer

The Nissly Family - Satisfied Customer 1 1

Satisfied Customer

Nicholas - Satisfied Cusomer 1 1

Satisfied Cusomer

Hodge - Satisfied Customer 1 1

Satisfied Customer

Mark - Satisfied Customer 1 1

Satisfied Customer

Keith - Satisfied Customer 1 1

Satisfied Customer

Connie - Satisfied Customer 1 1

Satisfied Customer

Michael and Abbey - 2009 Ford Explorer

Doug, Sue, and Mark, I can't express to you enough how much I appreciate the care you put into our purchase. My wife and I are from Pittsburgh, PA. and you know that just stopping by isn't really an option. We had set out looking for a newer model year Explorer. Now to be more specific, we wanted one that was four wheel drive, a V8, an Eddie Bauer Edition, and with low mileage. I'm not gonna lie, given the fact that I work as a Finance Manager for a high volume car dealer in Pittsburgh, I thought that this would be a piece of cake. I was completely wrong. My used car manager couldn't find anything within a couple hundred miles, and the ones he could get had 60,000 miles or more on the odometer. Much to our disappointment my wife and I had decided to look on-line to see if we could find one ourselves. We had to keep this a secret because buying a car off someone else is sacrilegious where I work. Anyway, we put in everything into Auto Traders search engine that we specifically wanted, hit enter, and crossed our fingers. About a dozen or so results came up and there was this one at Morgan Automotive that stood out more than anything else on the page. It was exactly what we were looking for and it was spotless!!! I immediately sent them an email and Mark got back to me right away. I explained our situation to him and that we were from Pittsburgh and couldn't necessarily come out and "kick tires" since that's a four hour drive. Mark guaranteed me that the Explorer was in as good as shape as it looked in the pictures and wouldn't be wasting our time. There was no haggling back and forth over price or any other typical car dealer rigmarole. I sent them all of our information ahead of time and they said they would have the paperwork ready when we got there. Upon arriving I was greeted in the parking lot by Mark, who was such a nice guy. He kept thanking us for coming all the way down. He showed us over to the vehicle and I still can't explain how perfect it was. Doug and his wife Sue were in the garage when we walked in and immediately came over to say hello and thank us for coming all the way out to do business with them. They all were so genuine and made you feel like family. We were in and out in less than 45 minutes. We could have probably done it 5, but it was so nice talking to all of them while we were there. My wife and I both want to say a special thanks to all of you for making this car buying experience even easier than what I deal with at work on a day to day basis. Their professionalism and sincerity is like no other. I would recommend anyone, friends or family, to purchase their vehicle off Morgan Automotive. Sincerely, Mike & Abbey Suchoski Proud owners of their new '08 Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer

Regina - Satisfied Customer 1 1

Regina just picked up her 08 Mini S from our dealership and is very happy with the car and service provided.

Scott - Satisfied Customer 1 1

Dear Morgan, I wanted to thank you for excellent service after the sale. I was truly skeptical that an auto company would really honor the 90 day warranty I received when I purchased my Acura. But, when my transmission developed a problem, you folks did exactly what you said you would and covered my repairs. No hassles or problems. I even received a loaner vehicle. At a time when nobody honors anything, Morgan kept its word. I love my car and would definitely buy another from Morgan. Great job. Thanks. Sincerely, Scott Armstrong Lancaster, PA

Carl - 2012 Ford F-150

I wanted to let you aware of my first (and not the last) experience with Morgan Automotive. I was lucky enough to be pointed in the right direction, by locating a truck via web search. I found that: 1. Better pricing compared to others 2. No hassle type approach by sales 3. Friendly customer support 4. The communication and follow-up after the sale couldn’t have been any better or easier Thanks Mark, Karl, Frank and Karen for making this one of the easiest deals for me. I can honestly say that I was treated like family. The joking and laid-back atmosphere made shopping for a truck a heck of a lot easier for me!

Rick - 06/01/2016 Chevy Camaro

I am writing this to say how much of a wonderful experience it was to buy my car at Morgan Automotive. Doug, Karl, were very nice from the moment I showed interest in my vehicle, right on through the entire process of trading in my car for theirs, and the money value in-between. I first saw my car over Memorial Day Weekend. I purposely waited until Monday (the Holiday) because I wanted to look at it without anyone “all over me”. I live about an hour away so this was no light hearted decision. Still after years of looking half seriously, and then the entire week or two before, very seriously, I knew that for what the car was, and the mileage it had, for the price they were asking, it was worth my time to at least look. I went there and they were closed, as I knew they would be. I could tell almost the minute I pulled onto the lot, this place was not your typical used car lot. The attention to detail was evident every place you looked, from the cars on display, to the very building itself. Everything was clean, neat, and organized. I checked the car over, and pretty much knew I would be driving back the next day. I went home and began to “crunch” the numbers. I knew I had an excellent 1 owner trade to offer, but of lesser value than the car I wanted. I also knew what amount of out-lay would work for me. So that next day I took an extra vacation day. I put the title to my trade, and all the other necessary items in an envelope, I called my dad to see if he was interested in going for a ride, and also to show him how nice almost every single car was. In a way, their lot is (almost) like going to a car show. There is a variety from trucks, to anything from luxury, thru family affordable cars. Plus my target group… Modern Mussel Cars. My dad said sure, so I made the phone call, talked to Karl, and told him my story, and where I was at, and that we would be there shortly, and off we went. I met Karl when I got there and shortly after that I met Doug as well. Both were very nice to talk to, and it soon became obvious I wasted my trip the day before. The two of them could not have been less “pushy”, or what the stereotypical salesman jargon can be. I have worked in the auto industry most of my life, and I know what I want, and what I am looking at, and looking for. In the past I have literally told salesmen that they have just pushed me away, and I have gotten in my car and driven off. There was nothing even close to that here. These guys are true car people, it is in their blood. I had a meticulous trade I bought new, and in an instant they recognized, and more so, appreciated my years of hard effort to keep it nice. There was NO pressure at all. We talked about what mine was, with them asking all the right questions, and in return they were very quick to answer any I might have of the car I was looking at. They let my dad and I take it out for a ride, and let us have all the time we wanted, to take time to talk about things, and evaluate the overall situation. I made up my mind while I was out driving, it was a “Go” from my side, and when I got back, they both asked me how it was. I told them good, and that I wanted it. We went back a forth a few times on the numbers, and as it turned out, we both made concessions, and met in a comfortable friendly middle. The office work, as far as title transfers (and the wonderful Taxes of course) all went just as smooth. Outside of my purchase, and I think this says more than my story. They were busy the entire time I was there, with people looking and buying, still they managed to make personal time for my deal as well. I saw twice during the time I was there, where - Doug made a decision that was above and beyond what he would have had to, or what other lots might have ever considered. One was to help an elderly man who just had an accident with his old car, and the other was a young kid. Both times he had concern for the situation at hand, and I feel, as I observed, went above the call of what most would have done. He honestly seemed to care. Granted he/they are in business, and need to make money to survive, but I also saw a “human” factor that was refreshing to say the least. Yes – I would give then 2 thumbs up. I have already mentioned them to people I know, and if I ever am in need, or a family member is, they are the first place I will at look! To Doug, and the entire gang… Keep up the Good Work! TakeCare_Rick