Reviews For Morgan Automotive

Rick - 06/01/2016 Chevy Camaro

I am writing this to say how much of a wonderful experience it was to buy my car at Morgan Automotive. Doug, Karl, were very nice from the moment I showed interest in my vehicle, right on through the entire process of trading in my car for theirs, and the money value in-between. I first saw my car over Memorial Day Weekend. I purposely waited until Monday (the Holiday) because I wanted to look at it without anyone “all over me”. I live about an hour away so this was no light hearted decision. Still after years of looking half seriously, and then the entire week or two before, very seriously, I knew that for what the car was, and the mileage it had, for the price they were asking, it was worth my time to at least look. I went there and they were closed, as I knew they would be. I could tell almost the minute I pulled onto the lot, this place was not your typical used car lot. The attention to detail was evident every place you looked, from the cars on display, to the very building itself. Everything was clean, neat, and organized. I checked the car over, and pretty much knew I would be driving back the next day. I went home and began to “crunch” the numbers. I knew I had an excellent 1 owner trade to offer, but of lesser value than the car I wanted. I also knew what amount of out-lay would work for me. So that next day I took an extra vacation day. I put the title to my trade, and all the other necessary items in an envelope, I called my dad to see if he was interested in going for a ride, and also to show him how nice almost every single car was. In a way, their lot is (almost) like going to a car show. There is a variety from trucks, to anything from luxury, thru family affordable cars. Plus my target group… Modern Mussel Cars. My dad said sure, so I made the phone call, talked to Karl, and told him my story, and where I was at, and that we would be there shortly, and off we went. I met Karl when I got there and shortly after that I met Doug as well. Both were very nice to talk to, and it soon became obvious I wasted my trip the day before. The two of them could not have been less “pushy”, or what the stereotypical salesman jargon can be. I have worked in the auto industry most of my life, and I know what I want, and what I am looking at, and looking for. In the past I have literally told salesmen that they have just pushed me away, and I have gotten in my car and driven off. There was nothing even close to that here. These guys are true car people, it is in their blood. I had a meticulous trade I bought new, and in an instant they recognized, and more so, appreciated my years of hard effort to keep it nice. There was NO pressure at all. We talked about what mine was, with them asking all the right questions, and in return they were very quick to answer any I might have of the car I was looking at. They let my dad and I take it out for a ride, and let us have all the time we wanted, to take time to talk about things, and evaluate the overall situation. I made up my mind while I was out driving, it was a “Go” from my side, and when I got back, they both asked me how it was. I told them good, and that I wanted it. We went back a forth a few times on the numbers, and as it turned out, we both made concessions, and met in a comfortable friendly middle. The office work, as far as title transfers (and the wonderful Taxes of course) all went just as smooth. Outside of my purchase, and I think this says more than my story. They were busy the entire time I was there, with people looking and buying, still they managed to make personal time for my deal as well. I saw twice during the time I was there, where - Doug made a decision that was above and beyond what he would have had to, or what other lots might have ever considered. One was to help an elderly man who just had an accident with his old car, and the other was a young kid. Both times he had concern for the situation at hand, and I feel, as I observed, went above the call of what most would have done. He honestly seemed to care. Granted he/they are in business, and need to make money to survive, but I also saw a “human” factor that was refreshing to say the least. Yes – I would give then 2 thumbs up. I have already mentioned them to people I know, and if I ever am in need, or a family member is, they are the first place I will at look! To Doug, and the entire gang… Keep up the Good Work! TakeCare_Rick